Two piece quick disconnect


The AQD 500TF disconnects are made of high carbon steel that has been plated to halt oxidation. The internal springs and fittings are corrosion resistant and of the highest quality materials available.
The AQD 500TF disconnects have two ways shut off fittings. When they are disconnected, the air flow is shut off in both the plug and the socket. This allows your Vac Valves to remain under vacuum pressure after the vacuum source has been disconnected. The AQD 500TF are rugged dependable disconnects that can be installed in minutes when used with Airtech Vac Valves. The AQD 500TF comes with a threaded female fitting designed to receive our Airflow 100 and Airflow 65R autoclave and oven hoses.
Use our AQD 500BF (barbed fitting) when attaching to rubber vacuum lines.

Technical data
Material typeCarbon steel
Connection to hoseThreaded
Screw thread1/4 inch NPT
Coupling size1/4 inch
Service temperature260 °C
Socket typeProduct reference
Female threadedAQD 500TF


Other thread sizes available upon request.

Last updated : 2015-06-29

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